Figuring Out Dogs

Dog Health – The 4 Signs to Watch Out For

We would like our furry pets to stay with us for as many years as possible. Among the ways to make sure that we stay around longer is by availing treatment for our illnesses as promptly as possible. But then it is not always as easy for our pet dogs to tell us that they are not feeling well.

If you think that your dog is not feeling too well, here’s a list of the things you have to be wary about.

Behavior or movement that’s out of the ordinary

You are probably very familiar about your dog’s usual behavior. So any change in the behavior of your dog should be relatively easy to identify – and such changes are not supposed to be disregarded. If they are clumsier or more tired, more aggressive, or less playful, then you have to consider that something is possibly up. Stiff, if not slow, movement can indicate that something is wrong as well.

Awful breath

Dog owners usually notice when their dog’s breath is a lot labored than usual and will be somewhat alarmed (although in the summer months this may not be as easy to identify because of the more intense heat). When it comes to bad breath,however, most owners are more inclined to take no notice of this. Many people believe that it is normal for dogs to have awful breath. However, if you notice that your dog’s breath has become worse (or even worse than ordinary), then this may be a sign their oral well-being is not quite what it is supposed to be.

Dwindling or increasing appetite

Dogs are normally pretty enthusiastic about eating, so a reduced appetite is noticeable almost immediately. A reduced appetite could be an indication of stress, pain, or fever. You definitely should visit your vet, once you observe this, particularly if it comes with loss. They might recognize the problem right away, if not perform a veterinary CT scan. Watch out for increased appetite as well, especially if your dog is now eating those food that they normally would not.

Hair loss

Hair loss may not be that easy to make out, especially because certain dogs seem to be shedding non-stop and gets their fur pretty much anywhere! However, if the dog seem to be losing more hair than they are supposed to, then eventually the signs become clear. Hair loss could be a symptom of many things — parasites or fleas, nutritional deficiency, or thyroid problem. But, it may also be a sign of pregnancy – there are some conditions though that will help you rule out that possibility quite easily.

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